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A while back I was frustrated to see my son and other exceptionally talented graphic artists that had just finished University were not being given a chance to get into the industry simply because every company they approached had the same answer. 'Sorry but you have no experience" or "we are looking for someone with more experience".

After months of planning and a lot of coffee, we came up with a way to get everyone that has the talent and dedication to succeed in the graphics world, a step up the ladder into the exciting world of graphic art by giving them experience.

Here's how it works. We currently supply many commercial printers with artwork. For a limited time we are inviting you (the budding graphic artist) to send us 1 original artwork on a regular basis. If it meets our standards we will promote you and your ability by including it on one of our packages. We will also link you up so people looking for your style of artwork will be able to contact you directly. We will even supply you with a job reference that you will be able to use to help you secure a job in this great environment. You will start by working from home in your free time on your own PC or MAC. There is no charge to join us and we want to promote you. If this sounds too good to be true, fill out the form below for further details and hopefully a step on the road to success.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to tell you - My son now works in a graphic presentation environment.


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Anything in life worth achieving requires effort and investment.
Now come on guys 'Let's do this.'

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